Arch Angels

At Bill Blass, models sported strong brows for fall, but it takes the right tools to shape and maintain them. Jane Iredale Super-Shape Me Eyebrow Kit, which is available in Blonde, Auburn and Brunette, contains brow wax to hold hairs in place, two micronized mineral brow powders to define and fill in sparse brows and a lemon-colored lid primer to conceal redness. Joey New York's State of the Arch is perfect for filling in sparse brows to give them a naturally fuller appearance. The kit utilizes a wet-to-dry soy brow powder available in Auburn, Medium/Dark and Blonde. Meanwhile, Tweezerman has reinvented its entire line of tweezers and brow scissors to enhance the artistry of the master brow specialist. Celebrity beauty expert Darrell Redleaf loves Speedy Tweeze for cleaning up the brow line because it's designed for rapid tweezing and easy isolation of individual brow hairs. If clients have extremely bushy or unruly brows, Redleaf suggests combing the brows up, then gently cutting and shaping them by removing excess hair above the brow line. Redleaf recommends Tweezerman's Winged Brow Scissors, which feature a small, precise blade that enables you to get very close to the skin—the winged handles provide the ultimate in fingertip control. So what do you do if your client has over-tweezed her brows? "Too-thin brows and exaggerated arches can make a person look older, even surprised," says Robin Evans, a brow expert who specializes in fixing home-grooming mishaps at her Manhattan salon. "Since it takes anywhere from 50 to 70 days for an eyebrow hair to grow back after it's been plucked, it's important to give the client proper guidance and a clean, natural line that's easy to follow at home." —M.D.



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