The Art of Business: Event Marketing

You can't pick up a paper, watch TV or surf the Web lately without hearing talk of the economy and how to cut costs. When I meet with beauty editors they all talk about working smarter and making the most of the consultant relationship. One of the smartest uses of the consultant relationship salon owners can take advantage of is event marketing. Event marketing is a recession-proof approach you can use to attract new clients and create deeper relationships with existing customers. It also allows you to reach out to the media and make a mark in your community by tying the events to a deserving charity.


Part of the fun of event marketing is to come up with ideas that excite the staff and pique the curiosity of both existing and potential clients. In our salons we sponsor Take Your Hair to the Spa, where we lavish our clients with unique spa hair treatments. Bring Your Own Blow Dryer is another fun event we hold that educates clients on how to achieve salon results at home between visits. By having clients show the stylists how they take care of their hair at home, they can learn the tips, tricks and traps of managing healthy, beautiful hair.

Many salon owners' concern during a down economy is how to capture and keep their clients. Event marketing can distinguish your salon and staff from everyone else by promoting your professional services, products and programs while allowing you to give back to the community. Your clients will find they can't wait until their next visit and your next event. —Philip Pelusi is a salon owner and product manufacturer.


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