Autum Enchantment

October 2013 Feature

Cool tones and romantic styles abound in a new collection by Organic Salon Systems.

Photography by TIM PETERSEN

This time of year, the leaves have begun to turn, and that beautiful transition is expertly captured by the Organic Salon Systems artistic team’s body of work, seen exclusively in American Salon. Education and Technical Director Rebecca Gregory and Regional Educator/Color Consultant Jennifer Andrews relied on Organic Color Systems to create the perfect formulas for fall, adding silver to move away from the warmer shades of summer. The two collaborated with artistic team member Mauricio Cifuentes and relied on the all-natural Organic Salon Systems styling lines for hair designs ranging from a high-volume pony to an intricately braided updo. “The inspiration for our collection was the romantic coolness in the transition between fall and winter,” Gregory says. “The looks we created were meant to have a mysterious, flirty feel to them while showing the tones that speak to autumn.”


Image 1
ABOVE: To create this soft, smoky brown, the team mixed equal parts 4MO and 10 -volume developer with ¼-ounce each of gray concentrate and silver. In the bang area, they sectioned a small offset triangle and gently highlighted, then toned it with the base color to lightly reflect the mocha hue. For a powerful yet delicate effect, the team used Organic Control Glaze to pull the hair into a voluminous ponytail, and sprayed Finale Hairspray from underneath to complete the dynamic yet classic pony.

ABOVE: To create the cool, strawberry blonde hue seen here, the artistic team incorporated silver dye and used a balayage technique to fuse together warm and soft, cool tones. For the chic updo, they sectioned three panels around the hairline and softly sprayed them with Organic Connect Finale Hairspray, before using a paddle brush to direct the hair back and away from the face. The three panels were tied into a loose bow and the ends were wrapped around the base.

ABOVE: To add dimension to this style and color, the trio added smoky, blonde highlights around the face, using lightener and 10-volume developer. The base color (1½-ounces 7AH, ½-ounce silver, ½-ounce 8CA, 20-volume developer) was applied first, to add natural depth to the interior, before the mid and ends formula (1½-ounces 8AH, ½-ounce silver, 10-volume developer; ½-ounce silver, 10-volume developer 20-volume developer)were added for a soft, blended effect. For style, the team French-braided the perimeter and tied the ends into the top-middle of the head, before curling and twisting the ends.

ABOVE: This romantic style was created to frame the face and accentuate the chocolate-caramel tones. The team relied on Organic Control Volume Mousse and blow-dried the hair for subtle volume in the bangs and the flowing layers. A bit of Organic Control Spray Gloss completed the look.

ABOVE: To achieve an enchanting, whimsical design, the team divided the hair into sections and created braids before wrapping them around the hairline and pinning them at the back. They sectioned the top into a variety of triangles and fishtail-braided them. Next, they shaped and pinned the fishtail braids through the top for texture. To finish and provide light hold, they misted the updo with Hairspray.

ABOVE: To showcase the gorgeous balayage of cool and warm tones, the artistic team used Organic Control Gloss Serum for a sleek style full of shine, and finished with Hairspray.