Aveda Announces Full Spectrum Fusion Artist Contest Winner

The winner of Aveda’s Full Spectrum Fusion Artist Contest shares the inspiration for her winning look and offers advice to fellow professionals.

It was Erica Colon’s passion for corrosive, rusting objects that inspired her to enter and create her winning Hair Color image for the Aveda Full Spectrum Fusion Artist Contest—the first contest she has ever entered. “I became slightly obsessed this last year with the color combinations found on rusting objects,” said Colon. “After looking at my model’s skin tone and eye color, I opened my ‘Rust Photos’ folder and found a combination I wanted to recreate on her hair.”

Erica has been in the professional beauty industry for 11 years and is the Director of Color Education for Maximum FX Salons in Austin, TX. Her winning look was selected from hundreds of submissions. The only caveat: Contestants were required to create their looks using Aveda’s NEW Full Spectrum Fusion method for formulating Hair Color – fusing Full Spectrum Permanent and Full Spectrum Deep Pure Tones into one or multiple formulas for enhanced creativity.


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To see other entries from the contest, search #FullSpectrumFusion and #AvedaColor on Instagram. Below, Colon shares her winning formulas and offers inspiration and advice.


  • NewGrowth: (1/2” from scalp) 10g6N (FS Permanent) + 30g Intense ntense Basease + 1g Dark Violet/ Re(FS Permanent Pure Tone)ark iolet/ Red (FS Permanent)3g Light Red/ Red (FS Deep Pure Tone)  + 20ml 10 Volume Color Catalust Volume Color Catalyst + 20 Volume Color Catalyst ml 20 Volume Color Catalyst 
  • Mid-Length: Apply New Growth Formula using 20 Volume Color Catalyst 
  • Ends: (Applied using a Color Melting Technique) 10g 7N (FS Permanent) + 30g Intense Base + 8g Light Orange/ Red (FS Permanent) + 8g Orange Pure + 40ml 20 Volume Color Catalyst 

The above formulas were applied using teardrop-shape section at the top of the head and throughout the hair at the nape.

Using secondary tear-drop shape sections below the the crown, Erica melted the New Growth and Mid-Length formulas (above) into the following formulas, alternating each, section by section. 

  • 20g Universal 0N + 1g Yellow Pure + 20ml Color Treatment Activator - Creme
  • 20g Universal 0N + 5g Pure Violet + 25ml Color Treatment Activator - Creme

What drew you to enter this contest?

It seemed like an opportunity to create some excitement among my team. Every once and a while I like to get the color team together to do fun color—just models, imagination and good music. Colorists need to take a break from “bread and butter” color and get out of their comfort zone every now and then.

What did you find the most interesting about the competition?

I liked that Aveda encouraged people to take regular photos and submit them. There was no pressure to hire an expensive photographer like you would do for a regular photo shoot.

What was your inspiration?

I have been obsessed with pictures of rust on metal objects for the last year. One of the photos I saved inspired the colors I chose.

Tell us more about your winning look.

My model came in with previously lightened ombré hair, blue eyes and gorgeous skin. I immediately knew I wanted a red base, so I started going through rust pictures I had saved and found a color palette that would be fun for me and complimentary for her.

Do you have any advice for fellow professionals?

Start with a folder and stock it with photos of random things that draw your attention, whether it’s the color palette or the feeling it gives you. Use this as a reference when you need a little inspiration. My advice for any color competition would be to wear comfy clothes, have fun and trust your instincts. Enjoy the creative process because it’s rare to have complete control over the outcome of a client’s color.

What do you love about this product line?

I love the flexibility and customization of Aveda color, and I get to completely control the outcome of my formulas.

About: Globally loved for its performance-led, botanically-based professional hair, skin and body care products, and its commitment to environmental leadership and responsibility, Aveda™ the Art and Science of Pure Flower and Plant Essences was founded by award-winning hairdresser, Horst Rechelbacher in 1978. Inspired by Ayurveda, the 5,000 year old traditional Indian system of healing and medicine, Aveda takes a holistic approach to beauty where hair, scalp, body and skin are one and products, rituals and services care for the guest from scalp-to-soul℠.  Aveda is trusted by salon and spa professionals worldwide, and Aveda products are available in more than 9,000 professional hair salons around the world.