Aveda Presents Autumn/Winter 2014 Makeup Collection, Romantic Grandeur

Aveda introduces Romantic Grandeur, a limited-edition makeup collection for autumn/winter 2014 that unveils a refreshing new aroma-flavor in the lip color products that’s a combination of organic essential oils of peppermint, vanilla and ginger.

The makeup color palette is inspired by the magnetic hues of the rising and setting sun, reflecting this season’s trend of icy pastels often combined with sunnier hues to create an enigmatic and inviting contrast, reminiscent of the December sky as the day transitions into night.

“Wintery pastels blended, smudged and melded with richer tones are positively magical and a favorite this season,” says Janell Geason, Aveda global artistic director, makeup.


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Geason designed Romantic Grandeur’s two faces, Red Lotus and Winter Lilac, to capture the love and longing of a beautiful memory faded over time, with lushly layered textures, rich decadent colors that deepen with dusk and strongly defined shapes with subtly blurred edges.

“I was inspired by how things change with the passage of time—how they can start out with a strong shape that can later turn hazy,” Geason says. “For example, a piece of fabric might fray at the edges, or paint will take on a different color and texture as you chip it away; metal may develop a deep patina.”

Geason applied this concept to makeup by creating clearly defined shapes at the beginning of both makeup applications and then smudging them.

“You can use your fingers or sometimes brushes to blur the lines to make the makeup really soft but at the same time really strong,” Geason says.  “This technique gives the looks a definite romantic bend which makes them really beautiful and wearable for all women.”

Red Lotus evokes the magnificent glow of the setting sun, as pale hues intensify into the violet night. It is deeply feminine and softly defined. Winter Lilac enchants through the pairing of cool pastel and purple tones, with warm, golden accents bringing features gently into focus with a soft, elusive, dream-like definition.

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