Aveda's “Salute the Runway” Event

In a crowded backstage space, Aveda stylists and Bobbi Brown makeup artists surrounded each of the fifteen women who have at last returned home from the United States service just in time for the Aveda and Little Black Dress’ “Salute the Runway” event at Lincoln Center in New York City on September 3.

While many of the women were allowed to wear makeup in the service, stylists backstage quickly found out that makeup for these women might have only included a brief brush of mascara to the eyelashes in the morning. Now that they are home and returning to a normal lifestyle again, Aveda’s stylists and Bobbie Brown makeup team were ready to glam every woman up with confidence to find a look they would fall in love with all over again.

Bobbi Brown, who was working one of the styling chairs at the event, really wanted to give back to these women and empower them with confidence that they may need to reenter the real world after being in the service. “Beauty is power, power is beauty,” says Bobbie Brown, whose line was used for all makeup at this event.


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However, there wasn’t a specific color palette happening on the runway. Instead, many of the looks were all about honoring each woman’s personal style and applying a makeup style that would enhance each of their features and skin tone; taking on their real beauty. Aveda’s team had a goal of making sure each woman was comfortable walking down the runway in her clothes, hair, makeup and skin—something she would be comfortable walking in every day.

We spoke to Felix Nguyen from Bobbi Brown’s makeup team who said one of the first things they did with each woman was sit down and find out who they are and what they were most confident wearing or what they might want to try. “Makeup can say so much about the personality,” Felix said.

As each woman walked down the runway, whether in red heels or comfortable sandals, each held their chin high with their dream-come-true glam look that Aveda and the Bobbi Brown team hopes each woman can replicate every day back at home now.