Back to the Future

Amie Breckenridge Goltz

Amie Breckenridge Goltz, Director of Field Education and Scruples Academy

“I see bright fantasy colors and pastel cotton candy shades as a continuing trend into 2013, but there will be a change in the technique used, shifting from the traditional ombré to dip-dyed, as well as putting in just one large panel or pop piece of a bright or pastel shade. This look can be achieved with Scruples Urban Shock Color Craze placed over pre-lightened hair with Power Blonde Lightening Powder.”

Candace Bossendorfer, Aloxxi Color Expert

“Shadowing is the hottest technique emerging for 2013. It allows for a beautiful blending of coordinating colors with dimension. Make sure to use creative sections that complement the client’s face, cut and style. To achieve this look, pick a combination of two or three shades that balance each other and are close in levels. Two favorites for me are Aloxxi Chroma 8K and Chroma 7X.”

Dan Csicsai, Matrix Artistic Designer

“Color for 2013 will be full of rich, sumptuous hues. Dimensional color is still going to be in demand, however, in 2013 we will see color that melts together. Highlights will be clean and toned, whether created using foils or the balayage technique. This is perfect timing for Light Master, Matrix’s new lightening system launching in February that can create a perfect dimension of rich colors that meld together.”

George Alderete, Keune Haircosmetics International Artisan

“In 2013 the trends will differ by haircolor. The consistent theme will be the warmth of color. For brunettes the key look will be a rich brown with hints of warm tones to create that delicious truffle color. Red will be soft and romantic with varying tones to create visual texture. Blondes will move toward a lived-in look that will have everyone asking if she colors her hair or not. I depend on Keune So Pure Color to get these looks.” (Learn more about this new line on page 60.)

Leah Freeman, Redken Global Artist

“I’m seeing colors becoming more defiantly stated, whether it’s warming up blondes using Redken SEQ Cream 8CR or giving deeper bases a warm lift with Chromatics 5 Cr (5.46). Additionally, redheads are still going to be hot. I’m seeing a lot of my guests falling in love with these beautiful rich tones; or for some of our more outgoing guests, pre-lightening then glazing or diluting both brands with clear to create pastel finishes. These are hues that don’t border on boring!”

Kim Vo, Schwarzkopf Professional BlondMe Brand Ambassador

“There will be a new, softer, somber side to ombré that I call ‘Sombré.’ The highlights will hit the ends in more of a balayaged manner with soft contrasting. Essentially the ends will be painted. Additionally the blushing blonde will be big with lowlights and the roots a caramel base as opposed to a golden strawberry. Schwarzkopf’s BlondMe Premium Lift 9 Plus and the toners in nine shades, including caramel, are perfect for creating this look.”

Jessica Vosper, L’Oréal Professionnel Artist

“The look of alternative tones such as pink, blue and purple is a bit more tailored and customized compared to the previous dip-dye or ombré because of the placement. Clients can have a more convertible color where bolder tones can be tucked away for a conservative look or amplified depending on the way the hair is styled. I think of it as dressing hair with color. I’ve been able to create various shades of pink, purple, blue, peach, gray and sea foam using only L’Oréal Professionnel Dia Light or Dia Richesse, and when adding clear to my formula, I have more control of the depth of the tone and can leave it on longer, which is an added benefit.”

Aura Friedman, Wella Professionals North American Color Ambassador

“Haircolor palettes will be inspired by futuristic luxury and clashing cultures being married together in shades of precious mineral tones for a smoky, antique effect: tourmaline, amethyst, teal, denim and dusty rose. I created the haircolor for Peter Som’s spring 2013 collection with this inspiration in mind that ties to Wella Professionals’ Trend Vision trend aptly named Fusion. This look is the next iteration of the punky, rose gold color of the show that evolved into dip-dyeing and ombré pastel interpretations. It’s best achieved with the Wella Professionals Illumina Color line, a permanent color that delivers translucent, luminous results while protecting hair health.”

Richy Kandasamy, TIGI USA Technical Director

“I think ombré will remain current, but there will be some modification to the approach; the dark-to-light contrast will remain a constant but it will be an elegant, dimensional ombré, veering away from the DIY method toward professional execution. For maximizing depth, the technique will work in a radial movement from back to front versus top to bottom. Technicians can achieve a more polished and classic look that can translate to a larger clientele. Another evolution is with versatility, having the option to hide color using placement technique, so that when the hair is tousled from side to side, it exposes contrast, movement and the true shape of the haircut.”