Beauty Industry Group Announces Acquisition of Halocouture

Beauty Industry Group (BIG), along with Gauge Capital, announced today that they have purchased the assets of HALOCOUTURE, the category creator of the popular Halo hair extension system.

“We have long admired the HALOCOUTURE team for what they have accomplished over the past eight years. From the early days of hand-sewing Halo products in the garage to building a solid salon network of more than 5,000 salons across the country, HALOCOUTURE has been a class act and top-notch competitor,” says BIG CEO Derrick Porter.

“We’re also thrilled to welcome Josh Owens, President of HALOCOUTURE, to the BIG team where he will continue to run the company," says Porter. "I’ve met very few people who have the work ethic and devotion to a mission as does Josh."

“HALOCOUTURE has always believed in the salon professional and has sought to create and promote a product that could benefit tens of thousands of hairdressers," Owens says. “Now, with our joining the BIG family, this effort will be amplified and allow for our products to reach the stylists faster, more efficiently, and at a greater scale than ever before.”

Consistent with BIG’s strategy, HALOCOUTURE headquarters will remain in Southern California. More details can be found at

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