Bellevue, WA Salon Walks to Support Breast Cancer Awareness

The Paule Attar Salon and Spa team at the 5K
The Paule Attar Salon and Spa team at the 5K

The Paule Attar Salon and Spa team at the 5K

This past Sunday, a 35-person team organized by the Paule Attar Salon and Spa in Bellevue, WA, joined in the Making Strides against Breast Cancer Society 5K walk in Downtown Bellevue. The salon team walked in memory of several clients who lost their lives to breast cancer.

Leading up to the 5K, the salon staff encouraged customers to get involved by either walking with them or making donations. “I have never solicited our clients for any charity whatsoever, but this time I made an exception," said salon co-owner Heinz Mikulka, “In the 20 years I have been in the salon business, I have seen many of our women clients lose their fight with this terrible disease. This was our chance to make a difference.â€

Along with walking to raise money and awareness, the salon helps its clients who are diagnosed with breast cancer in a much more personal way. Paule Attar uses her beauty expertise to help her clients to cope with their often traumatic and emotionally painful prospect of hair loss. She assists her clients in choosing a wig before chemotherapy begins so that the hair color and texture can be matched with their own. She  also locates and sources designers who create colorful turbans, hats, head wraps and scarves.


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