Better Business - August 2013

Clear Connection

In addition to providing quality hair and skincare services, Joseph Michael’s Salon and Spa in Chicago offers the ultimate in convenience with its new Virtual Consultation. Guests simply log on to the business’ website where they select a service, are matched with a compatible stylist or esthetician and can ask any questions, gratis. Professionals of Joseph Michael’s Salon and Spa then use Skype to video call and offer personalized guidance for the client, wherever she may be. “The Virtual Consultation came about because we’re in a world where everything is done online,” says General Manager Allison Vannoy. “As much as we want and crave that personal contact with our clients, we realized that we may have to reach out through technology, first.” The video consultation solution is a win-win for everyone; stylists get to know their clients better, while guests can accommodate their busy schedules. —J.B.

Bridging the gap


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Today’s clients want one-stop options, and this extends to hair and skincare. But in an attempt to provide full-service experiences, salons are becoming more compartmentalized, according to Lydia Sarfati, Repêchage CEO and founder. “As salons add more departments, I’m seeing larger gaps between them,” she says. Here, Sarfati provides pointers for uniting hair and skin areas so clients can maximize their time spent at the salon, and your business can reap the benefits.

  1. Training Day. Employees can’t cross-promote services and products if they don’t know anything about them. Make sure your whole staff is educated about every new product or treatment.
  2. Firsthand Account. Check that your employees are using the products you carry themselves. Offer them retail incentives; once they sell a certain dollar amount of products, allow them to use 10 percent of what they sold toward your retail.
  3. Rewards Program. Give away prizes to get your staff motivated. Every time an employee books a service in a different department, have them drop their name into a bowl, and draw a winner every month.
  4. Enhanced Experience. Provide clients with mini-upgrades at hair and skin stations. Offer facial treatments during a deep-conditioning hair treatment, or a scalp massage during a facial. The next time the client comes in, suggest an add-on service.
  5. Stay Put. Instead of shuffling guests between departments, allow them to stay in one place, bringing the services to them to create a time-efficient and relaxing atmosphere. —K.H.