Better Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct marketing is now considered an indispensable part of multimedia advertising campaigns and a commanding stand-alone strategy. It is particularly relevant to salons and spas because it's not only trackable, but consumers tend to hold onto the offers. While direct mail has distinct advantages over some other types of media to attract customers and increase revenue, it must be used correctly to be effective, according to Kim Dominguez, director of marketing for Valpak, which provides coupon offers to a highly targeted audience.

"An essential component of direct mail is targeting the right people," Dominguez says. "No matter how good your offer or artwork may be, it won't work unless the right people see it. Targeting by geography, demographics, consumer behavior and consumer expenditures will ensure that you reach your exact audience." Valpak uses comprehensive research to identify consumers with above average income levels who are most likely to use salon and spa services, and who have the best potential for responding to the offers.

Dominguez stresses that frequency is also vital to the success of any direct mail campaign. "Consumers typically go through three stages in buying decisions: awareness, consideration and action," she says. "Keeping your business in front of the consumer when they are ready to make a purchasing decision gives you an edge over your competitors." For more information about Valpak, call 800/980-9139 or visit —L.A.