Bohemian Rhapsody

A collection from Obliphica Professional puts a twist on hair that’s rich, smooth and shiny.

A chic vibe combined with an unstructured boho aesthetic served as the inspiration for the latest body of work seen exclusively on these pages from Obliphica Professional Artistic Director Sacha Quarles. “Down is the new ‘it’ ’do for special occasions,” says the celebrity stylist, who used Obliphica Professional’s rejuvenating Seaberry range to fashion soft bends in the hair rather than traditional curls. ”The goal was to craft gorgeous texture that’s not so regimented,” says Quarles. Plaits were also key to the collection. “Braids add an entirely different styling dimension to the hair that goes way beyond color,” Quarles says. “With them, you get a beautiful illusion of movement and flair.”

By Kelley Donahue; Photography by Albert Sanchez ;art directIon: Pedro Zalba; Makeup: Noel Nichols; nails: OPI Celebrity Nail Manicurist Bobbie Naohara; fashion styling: Laura Duncan; Fashion Styling Assistant: Shelby Dee



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