Bold Move

Fashion colors from hot pink to teal are extending to hair trends, and right on cue are new Fashionizers from All-Nutrient. Formulated to keep hair healthy, Fashionizers are permanent oxidative tints that allow for intense, long-lasting shades. Because the dye outcome is less dependent on the hair’s natural level, the pre-lightening process can be shortened, and for some haircolors, eliminated. “If the natural hair is light enough, you may not have to pre-lighten at all; for instance, when adding Crimson Red pieces to natural levels 4, 5 and 6, simply raising the developer volume creates enough lift,” says All-Nutrient team member Keith Ferguson. In addition to being easy to use, Fashionizers’ pigments anchor in the cortex of hair so they don’t rub off, but deliver shiny results. Should clients wish to change up their look, Fashionizers make the reverse oxidation with a lightener easier; a near-white shade is not needed to remove the color and return it to natural. For a hassle-free dye experience that offers the versatility clients demand—whether it be distinct, tri-color ribbons or sleek color flashes—Fashionizers are sure to brighten any style. —E.G.

Natural Solution

These days, quinoa is all the rage, and not just when it comes to diet. Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair, a three-part, sulfate-free system, blends the reparative benefits of quinoa with natural ingredients to effectively lock in haircolor and reverse signs of fading and damage. Rich with antioxidants and protein from the amino acids in the popular grain, the shampoo replenishes color-treated hair and leaves locks shiny, soft and manageable. Repairing strands from within, the conditioner is a healthy addition to haircare regimens, acting as a hydrator and detangler with the help of shea butter, jojoba and soybean oil, and providing natural UV protection to prevent color fade and damage. The ideal counterpart to the shampoo and conditioner, dual-phase Triple Rescue battles heat and adds shine to hair in its top phase, and conditions to create smooth texture in its second. “Its quinoa color-locking system is like a superfood that keeps my colors vibrant, rich, full of life and packing the same punch they did nine weeks ago when leaving my chair,” says Jamie Anderbery-Stout, regional color coordinator for John Paul Mitchell Systems. “Bring on the thermal tools, frequent shampooing and California sunshine—you don’t stand a chance against this brilliant line of defense!” —E.G.

Best of Both Worlds

Getting back to nature can be difficult in today’s technology-driven world, but Katie Manselle of Ananda Hair Studio in Asheville, NC sought to connect the two worlds in her new collection, Urban Native. “I wanted to portray a sophisticated and tech-savvy woman who was reconnecting to her natural environment,” she says. “The dark, precise cut conveys her modernism, while the soft hues of yellow, turquoise and lavender portray her rebalancing.” The haircolor and attire act as a camouflage with the background of the shot, which Manselle says represents finding a balance between the busy life of technology and the inner peace of connection with her surroundings. “I loved creating such a beautiful paradox with colors, lines, textures and shapes,” she says. For styling, Manselle called on Wella Professionals Flowing Form Smoothing Balm and Shape Shift Molding Gum. —C.R.


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