Bond Girls

B3 Brazilian Bond Builder gives colorists real creative freedom.

From the creators of Brazilian Blowout comes B3 Brazilian Bond Builder, a true game-changer for colorists. The liquid additive uses a new technology to rebuild and reattach the bonds in the hair cuticle during coloring. Added bonus: The ampules can be used in all color services—from high-lift to balayage, using glosses, dyes or bleaches from any brand—without extra processing time. “Colorists are able to push boundaries and give clients the hair they were maybe afraid to do before, and they can now do it in one sitting,” says Alfredo Luciano, director of education for Brazilian Blowout. Don’t believe it? Here’s proof.

By Kristen Heinzinger;Photography by Albert Sanchez; Makeup Kela Wong; Fashion Styling: Alejandro Peraz


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