Brilliant Move

Vibrant, beautiful hair takes center stage in this stunning new collection from ColorProof Evolved Color Care.

When great minds come together, extraordinary results often follow. Such was the case with the body of work seen exclusively on these pages. Celebrated photographer Peggy Sirota, who has worked with nearly every leading magazine from Vanity Fair to Rolling Stone; and Marc Balet, co-founder of the Mixed Business Group and the former creative director of Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine; collaborated with ColorProof co-founders Jim and Cheryl Markham on the new campaign, with images, Balet says, that live up to the level of the product. “For this shoot, we took a completely fresh approach for our brand,” Jim Markham says. “We opted for classic styles and wanted to capture the lifestyle, energy and beauty representative of the ColorProof woman, while showing off the remarkably vibrant, youthful, radiant hair that only ColorProof products can deliver.”

Photography by PEGGY SIROTA; Makeup: Jeannia Robinette; Fashion Styling: Lauren Ehrenfeld


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Slide Notes

1. For this voluminous look, Jim Markham and ColorProof International Artistic Director Phillip Wilson prepped the hair with SuperPlump Volumizing Shampoo and Condition before applying a blend of HeatProof Anti-Frizz Blow Dry Crème and FiberBlast Texture Crème to the hair. “The combination adds body, shine, texture and control with color and heat protection,” Markham says. After blow-drying the hair, they curled 2-inch triangular sections with a flat-iron and then pinned each curl. “We alternated the curl direction to give the model’s waves more depth throughout the entire head,” Wilson says. A few drops of CrazySmooth Extreme Shine Treatment Oil, plus WickedGood Weightless Shine Spray and UltraMarathon Strong Hold Color Protect Hairspray, supplied shine and style support.

2. Markham and Wilson used a 12-section pin curl set to achieve this look. They prepped strands with SuperRich Shampoo and Condition, then blended HeatProof Anti-Frizz Blow Dry Crème and LiftIt Color Protect Foam Mousse, applying the mixture to damp hair. Once hair dried, they took 3-inch sections and curled them with a 1-inch flat-iron before pinning them until cool. After removing the pins, they worked a few drops of TruCurl Anti-Frizz Oil into cascading curls before misting the style with WickedGood Weightless Shine Spray and AllAround Color Protect Working Hairspray.

3. To prep this vibrant red hair, Markham and Wilson used SuperRich Shampoo and Condition before applying a blend of PlushLocks Leave-In Smooth and RadicallySmooth Anti-Frizz Serum. After blow-drying locks, they added PowderFix Texturizing Powder to enhance body and texture and form smooth, shiny waves. They used WickedGood Weightless Shine Spray and HumidityRx Anti-Frizz Weatherproof Spray to supply the perfect finish.

4. Markham and Wilson prepped chestnut locks with CrazySmooth Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Treatment Masque, then applied CrazySmooth Shine Treatment Oil. After blow-drying 1-inch sections, they worked a few CrazySmooth Extreme Shine Treatment Oil drops into strands before applying PowderFix Texturizing Powder to the roots. They used WickedGood Weightless Shine Spray and AllAround Color Protect Working Hairspray to finish.

5. Markham and Wilson prepped natural curls with blonde highlights with TruCurl Curl Perfecting Shampoo and Condition before mixing TruCurl Curl Perfecting Crème and TruCurl Anti-Frizz Oil and applying it to damp hair. After diffusing hair until completely dry, they wrapped 1-inch hair sections around closed-barrel curling irons, alternating between small and very small sizes in clockwise and counterclockwise directions. To supply the perfect finish, they called on WickedGood Weightless Shine Spray and AllAround Color Protect Working Hairspray.