Calling All Salon Professionals! Help Give the Power Back to Domestic Abuse Victims in October

We have all heard the statistics, but is anyone actually listening? Domestic abuse affects thousands of people all over the world on a daily basis, but the sad truth is that only a fraction gains the courage to speak up and reach out for help. No one deserves to be abused by someone close to them, but it still happens to men, women and children, physically and emotionally, every day. Many of us probably know someone who has or is currently being abused but we may not even know it because we don’t know the warning signs. The Professional Beauty Association’s (PBA) CUT IT OUT: Salons Against Domestic Abuse program wants to stop this nationwide epidemic. CUT IT OUT trains salon professionals to recognize the signs and symptoms of abuse to safely and confidentially help clients, co-workers, friends and family find help through local resources.

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we are asking salons and salon professionals around the country to “Give the Power Back” to victims of domestic abuse by holding a CUT IT OUT October Fundraising and Awareness Drive. The goal of this drive is to raise awareness and to help victims of this nationwide epidemic find the voice and courage to speak out and seek help.


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Making a difference in a life and in your community couldn't be easier… Simply register at to get your free toolkit, make your fundraising plans, and make your donations! Donations can be split between CUT IT OUT and a local shelter of your choice.


The unfortunate truth is that domestic abuse doesn't just happen one month out of the year; it’s a daily occurrence for many. You can help victims of abuse year-round by talking with your clients any time about the importance of this cause. Proudly wear a CUT IT OUT pin or post a flyer by your station to help spark a conversation; there are many ways to keep the awareness going throughout the year to help these victims break away from the abuse. Keep your salon stocked up on safety cards, donation cards and materials by visiting today!

Need more information or have questions? Contact [email protected] or call 480.455.3453 (800.468.2274 ext. 3453).

About PBA Charities

The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) believes strongly that every member has the power to make a difference. Through our Charitable Outreach programs and partnerships, we seek to engage professionals in giving back to their industry and communities. Along with our Charitable Outreach programs, PBA provides our members with Government Advocacy, Signature Events, Education, Research and Business Resources. Visit for more information.