Calming Influence

Wella Professionals ushers in a new age in color with its miracle molecule that allows beauty without compromise.

In being more concerned about their overall well-being, people are paying closer attention to ingredients and the potential effects of what they put in or on their bodies. Recent data from Wella Professionals, which notes that 18 percent of consumers in the U.S. are afraid of developing allergies or sensitivities from haircolor, underscores that thought.

After devoting over two decades to researching a molecule that reduces the risk of causing an allergy while maintaining uncompromised color performance, Wella Professionals scientists found the solution: ME+. The revolutionary molecule still delivers lasting color vibrancy and even up to 100 percent coverage, but its modified shape bypasses the body’s T-cells that can trigger allergic reactions. The unique shape of the ME+ molecule does not fit T-cell receptors as easily as the traditional haircolor molecule, reducing the chance of allergy.


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ME+ technology, which is allergy-safe while delivering full color performance and spectrum, is the cornerstone of Koleston Perfect Innosense. The line is available in 22 shades, including blondes, brunettes, blacks and reds, and supplies up to three levels of lift.

“I love that Koleston Perfect Innosense offers the continued flawless results expected from Wella Professionals but with a reduced risk,” says Wella Professionals Color Ambassador Jennifer J. “After all, everyone deserves to look and feel like their most beautiful self.” —K.D.