Celebrate Earth Month by Joining Tea Tree in The Green Takeover

For the second year in row, Paul Mitchell’s eco-conscious brand Tea Tree is partnering with Reforest’Action—a Paris-based environmental organization that plants trees worldwide—to reforest areas in need.

This year, in honor of Earth Month, the goal is to reach a total of 300,000 trees planted by April 30, 2015 with the support of enthusiasts near and far. The JPMS team is urging the Tea Tree community to get involved in The Green Takeover by getting online to plant a FREE tree.

Planting a tree on behalf of Tea Tree is easy—follow these simple steps:

1. Visit the website here: paulmitchell.com/reforestaction

2. Click on “Plant Now” link to redeem your FREE tree

3. Select the Paul Mitchell plot where you’d like to redeem your tree

Enter code TEATREE15 and fill out the required field. Press validate to plant your tree

The eco-inspired Tea Tree brand has long supported healthy forests. Today JPMS is proudly supporting Reforest’Action to plant Maya Nut trees in San Martin Province, Peru and Sayaxche, in Peten Department, Guatemala.

Located in the upper part of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, San Martin Province is being deforested due to logging, mining, agriculture and an influx of settlers. The woodlands in Sayaxche are being cut down for large-scale agriculture, oil exploration and mining. While tropical forests like these only take up 6% of the world’s surface, they house an enormous volume of plant and animal life—approximately one half to three-quarters.

Tea Tree The Green Takeover has made a commitment to:

- Reach a total number of 500,000 trees planted by the end of 2016 (since Tea Tree’s inception)

- Sequester more than 85,000 tons of CO2 during the trees’ lifetime

- Benefit local communities through better health and nutrition, as well as additional revenue

- Protect soil from depletion and erosion caused by deforestation 
Join The Green Takeover conversation online

About: John Paul Mitchell Systems, a top manufacturer of salon-only professional hair care products, has been serving the professional beauty industry for over 30 years. The company currently produces over 150 professional and consumer products that have won over 45 beauty awards. John Paul Mitchell Systems products are sold through distributors to over 100,000 hair salons in North America, and internationally, to thousands of hair salons in 84 countries. In accordance with Co-founder and Chairman John Paul DeJoria’s motto, “Success unshared is failure,” The company has a strong commitment to giving back, supporting a wide range of philanthropic causes both domestically and internationally. For more information visit www.paulmitchell.com.

About: Reforest’Action is among the leading reforestation organizations in the world. Reforest’Action is a social business that enables companies to concretely act in favour of the environment thanks to an unequalled model. On reforestaction.com, a unique web platform, companies, their colleagues and clients plant trees in Senegal, Peru, India, Guatemala or France. They measure the social and environmental benefits and share this experience on the social media. Since its creation in 2010, Reforest’Action has planted more than 450,000 trees and generated a positive impact on the livelihood of more than 10 000 people. For more information, please see our website, http://www.reforestaction.com.