Cinderella Hair Hits the Small Screen

Cinderella Hair will be featured on an upcoming episode of The Art of Living with Marilu Henner as part of a Better Beauty segment on topics, trends and issues related to hair extensions. California-based Cinderella Hair has combined the latest scientific advances with the aesthetic and stylistic virtues of an art form to become one of the largest and most prestigious hair extension companies in the world. Hallmarks of the company's success include use of only the finest natural hair, a cadre of expert educators who conduct Cinderella Hair's instructional seminars, and a line of maintenance and preparation products.

"There is nothing more gratifying than to see the look of satisfaction on the face of a client who sees themselves in the mirror after getting hair extensions," said Fernando Fischbach, vice president of Cinderella Hair.  "They have a new air of confidence and a better feeling about themselves"

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