Classic Bob by Dean Holcombe

I did it! I took the plunge back into the land of the bob and had eight inches lopped off my hair. The cut turned out gorgeous thanks to Dean Holcombe, creative director for Cutler. I was a tad nervous, but within minutes of meeting Holcombe, I knew I was in good hands.

I arrived prepared with a print out of my Dream Bobs Pinterest Board and Holcombe really took his time to look at it and understand what I was thinking. Later he remarked, "I saw the photos and what you wanted; I didn't want to trip it up, but rather give you the classic look you wanted in the way that is the right shape for you."

Holcombe worked with such precision and a relaxed confidence that while I was a bit shocked to lose my hair, I was ultimately excited to see the final result. And the absolute best part is that he cut the hair in a way that truly is so perfect for my wash and go lifestyle—it dries to the style of the cut! Love!


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"I push the cut as far as it can, so the client has a lot less effort later to keep the look," said Holcombe.

See the pics below to learn about Holcombe's secrets to creating a sleek and functional cut!