Colorist Jason Backe's Gorgeous Take on Autumn

Yesterday, in a moment of astonishment, I realized I haven't had my color done since mid-August. I knew it had been a while, but over 30 days!? I've been busy, to say the least.

Finally, last night I was free and received the best treatment from Colorist Jason Backe, co-owner of Ted Gibson Salon and an INOA Color Specialist for L'Oréal Professionnel. It was definitely past due, as my locks were looking lackluster with old highlights and a slew of new growth in the way of pesky gray hairs.

Backe was excited to try something fun and showed me a photo of a look he had in mind–a very rich, deep brunette full of dominant red panels. Like any typical client, I was tentative. But then I remembered how gorgeous he recently made American Salon's Executive Editor Lotus Abrams look and I excitedly relinquished all control to Backe.

The result is something I have always wanted! Sassy reddish plum notes overlying a rich brunette base.

“I worked with what was there already to change it into something more modern, exciting, and in tune with the autumn season,” said Backe.

Below is a look at the before and after, and the formula for how Backe achieved the look.

For new growth, he used 25 grams of INOA ODS2 4N (level four neutral) and 25 grams of INOA ODS2 4.15 (level 4 with Blue and Red Violet) and 20 volume to make a rich chocolate brunette base.

For the mid-lengths and ends, Backe worked with the grown out highlighting already present. He used 20 grams of Richesse 4N, 20 grams of Richesse Clear and 20 grams of Richesse Hi-Chroma 0.62 (red plum) and 9 volume.

After shampooing, he glossed the hair with 40 grams of Richesse Hi-Chroma 0.62 and 9 volume for a cinnamon POP!!!          


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