ColorProof Launches Sweet Squared Distribution Abroad

Colorproofounded by Jim Markham, the pioneer and innovator of super luxury color care, announced it has further expanded its international distribution with the recent Valentine’s Day launch of Sweet Squared. This distributor partnership will bring the complete line of ColorProof luxury products to professional salons throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

“ColorProof has experienced unprecedented growth since its launch four years ago,” says Markham. “International expansion has always been a part of our business plan, and we are thrilled to partner with Sweet Squared for our entry into the EU. Sweet Squared has an incredible reputation and genuinely values product innovation and superior education, both of which are cornerstones of our brand, making them an excellent fit for ColorProof. It is an honor to partner with them, and we look forward to growing our brand overseas with their talented team.”

About: To understand ColorProof is to understand the relentless career path of our founder, Jim Markham. From his start as a barber, to accomplished celebrity stylist with clients such as Paul Newman, Johnny Carson, Frank Sinatra and Steve McQueen, to gifted product development expert and award-winning serial entrepreneur, Jim’s life has charted an extraordinary course. Driven by a love for beauty and a ceaseless passion for creating exceptional, superior performing products, Jim is best known for pioneering sulfate-free shampoos and creating the color care category that changed the way the world cares for color-treated hair. He founded PureOlogy Serious Colour Care® now he brings you ColorProof Evolved Color Care, the next generation in products designed exclusively for color treated hair. Nothing like ColorProof has ever existed until now – reinventing luxury color care as we know it, from start through finish. ColorProof is designed specifically for you and your color clients to ignite your business and deliver brilliant, vibrant, youthful results unlike you’ve ever seen before.


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About: Sweet Squared is a multi-award-winning UK and Ireland Distribution Company founded and driven by the desire to inspire. Sweet Squared embraces a unique philosophy that blasts beyond the simple distribution process of ‘buy it in, get it out’; rather they see ‘distribution’ as a tool to connect with the beauty professional. They are devoted to the beauty industry and exist for the sole purpose of supplying the most exciting and innovative products on the market, as well as offering support to beauty professionals across the UK and Ireland.