CosmoProf Announces the Launch of CosmoProf App

CosmoProf is excited to announce the launch of the CosmoProf App, the app for the modern stylist. CosmoProf App launching January 1, 2017 in the U.S. Available for FREE in the App Store and Google Play.

The CosmoProf App is built for beauty professionals, and it shows. Specialized menus make taking payments easy, and stylists can store client info, create a customizable schedule and digitally recommend products to clients. It’s also completely free. So now they can spend more time focusing on their clients and their craft.

Summary of each App feature:


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• Schedule: Make setting up appointments and keeping track of your calendar easy. Syncs directly with your iOS or Google Calendar.

• Quick Pay with Square™: Credit card processing is easy through Square. Plus, the first $1,000 of payments is processed for free.

• Clients: Import clients from your phone’s contacts, view appointment histories, save photos and keep track of color formulas.

• Loxa Scripts: Recommend products to your clients via text message or email and earn a commission.

• Inspiration: Access exclusive how-to videos and step-by-steps from your favorite artists and brands.

• Messages: Get exclusive offers and coupons from CosmoProf and your favorite beauty brands.

Quotes from stylists:

On App:

“I was using five different apps to run my business, which is really hard. And now it’s all in one convenient space, and I’m very excited about that.” -Christina Kreitel Stylist and Owner of Intrepid Studio Salon, Utah

“Finally an app for beauty pros. I run my business through my phone, and now it’s easy to keep it all in one place.” -Larisa Love CosmoProf Brand Ambassador and Owner of Larisa Love Salon, Los Angeles, CA

On individual features:


“Consistency is everything with my clients. Now that I have the Clients feature in the App, I can spend more time focusing on my clients and doing beautiful hair.” -Jacob Khan Educator, Stylist and Owner at Jacob K Hair, Atlanta, GA 


“With the built-in schedule, I can organize all my clients’ info – every formula, every style – it’s all there.” -Lo Wheeler Master Stylist and Owner of Wheeler Davis Salon, San Clemente, CA

Quick Pay:

“I love that I can charge my first $1,000 before I have to pay any merchant fees.” -Christina Kreitel Stylist and Owner of Intrepid Studio Salon, Utah

Loxa Scripts

“You can’t keep all of the inventory for all of your favorite products. So now, if you want to sell those to your clients, you can send them Loxa Scripts right from your phone. Your clients can buy any product or tool from you, and you get a commission from it.” -Phil Ring Stylist, Providence, RI


“Creating amazing art requires that I feed my inspiration. In the CosmoProf App, I get the best inspiration from people who know beauty.” -Larisa Love CosmoProf Brand Ambassador and Owner of Larisa Love Salon, Los Angeles, CA

About: CosmoProf, a division of Beauty Systems Group, is a network of stores, Direct Sales Consultants and ecommerce selling the top professional salon brands to licensed beauty professionals. We sell up to 10,000 professionally branded products for salon use or resale to their customers. CosmoProf encourages beauty pros to explore their creative heights and be their best, most authentic selves. We’re changing the industry, one artist at a time. CosmoProf has partnered with Loxa Beauty, which provides an online platform for stylists’ clients to purchase professional products online. Every purchase made through Loxa Beauty benefits stylists.