Cuccio Colour is on the set to piant nails for a commercial!

Nails were high fashion and television-ready on a commercial set with actress Minnie Driver this past Sunday. The collaboration between Elaine Watson, vice president of marketing and sales, and global education director for Cuccio International, and wardrobe stylist Alexandra Mandelkorn was essential to create the perfectly styled look for Driver, from her head to her fingertips.

The casual-themed look included jeans, and a grey blouse and hat, that easily complimented the two grey tones of Cuccio's Oh My Prague and Soaked in Seattle. "We kept the colors in the cool family," said Watson. "I happened to have these two great tones of grey and decided to halo the cuticle with the darker shade and come in over 90 percent of the nail with the lighter grey."

To get Driver's look, begin with Cuccio Nail Solutions Base Coat, then apply one coat of Cuccio Colour Oh My Prague to all ten nails. Next, apply the first coat of Cuccio Colour Soaked in Seattle, dropping down the nail and following the cuticle shape as color is applied.

Leave a margin of Oh My Prague down each side of the nail, tapering off so the line narrows and disappears at the free edge. Apply a second coat of Soaked in Seattle over the first, if needed, and finished with a coat of Cuccio Nail Solutions High Gloss Top Coat.

-Beatrice Vantapool