Curls Night Out

Gorgeous coiffed curls and romantic fashions are shaping up to be some of summer's sexiest essentials. But helping clients with stick-straight strands get in touch with their wavier side can sometimes take a bit of effort. Fortunately, Artizen Creative Director Jean Sweet has developed a technique that artistically crafts girly corkscrews in three simple steps. Her secret weapon? An Artizen Professional Digital Iron, featuring surround heating that amplifies ceramic-ionic heat around the chrome casing, allowing stylists to wrap and shape the hair using both the inside and outside of the iron. Did somebody say, "Let's do the twist"?

1 Section the hair by working from the underneath layers toward the outer ones; then take your first hair section and slide the iron down the shaft to warm the strands.

2 Beginning at the base of the section, place the hair between the plates, holding the iron at a 45-degree angle and turning it while laying the hair flat on the outside of the chrome surface. Use your free hand to guide and hold the iron closed while manipulating it in one turn. The back of the iron should now be facing you.

3 Slide the iron down the hair using even tension against its outer edge (this shapes the curl formation). Keep the hair on the upper portion of the plates, making sure the ends don't slide out. Slide the iron down from the shaft through the ends, maintaining the same angle.

4 Once the ends pass through the iron, release the hair so the curl pops out. The slower the movement, the tighter the curl. For more information, visit, or call 800-447-2718.