Curves Ahead

Combatting dehydration and frizz is essential to keep curly locks looking their best. Here to help are tips from pros and the products they love. ✂ —Beatrice Vantapool

“Use your hands to mix product together, using excess where hair is dehydrated or dry,” says Moroccanoil Global Creative Director Antonio Corral Calero. “Use a diffuser so that hair absorbs the products.” Intense Hydrating Mask,

Brazilian Blowout
“Don’t over-dry curly hair,” says Brazilian Blowout International Educator Alfredo Luciano. “I apply serum and twist pieces of the hair, then use a diffuser on medium heat.” Açaí Protective Thermal Straightening Balm,


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“Once product is applied, do not continue touching the hair,” says Diane Puccio, GKhair international artistic team member. “Sometimes our hands are more of a damper to our hairstyle than humidity itself.” VolumizeHer,

“Squeeze, don’t rub, shampooed hair,” says Matrix Artistic Director Nick Stenson. “When excess moisture is gone, gently disperse your favorite holding cocktail into strands.” Total Results Curl Super Definer Gel,

Bain de Terre
“For those with coarser curls, leave some of the conditioner in the hair,” says Christine Howell, international sales and education manager for parent company Zotos Professional. Jasmine 2-Minute Intense Conditioner,

“For styling naturally curly hair, the tried and true method of using your fingers works best,” says Redken Brand Ambassador Rodney Cutler. “Wrap 1-inch sections around two fingers from root to end when hair is damp, allowing the curls to set.” Curvaceous Full Swirl Cream Serum,

“Too much heat will cause excess volume and a frizzy mess,” says All-Nutrient Leading Platform Artist Tony Difraia. “Do not over-dry. Leave moisture behind to yield smooth, controlled curls.” Sculpt+,

Organic Salon Systems
“Deep condition hair once a week to keep curls hydrated,” says Organic Salon Systems stylist Aje Lew. “I recommend using a microfiber towel to scrunch in a styling product.” Keep Curl Memory Gel,

Keratin Complex
“Curly clients will always complain about frizz,” says Keratin Complex International Educator Niki Galanomatis. “I tell them to squeeze out water with paper towels. Less friction will leave hair less frizzy.” Glowtion Potion Styling Oil,

“I tell clients to brush curls before washing and rinsing, instead of after showering,” says Verb stylist Keila Rokkan. “Gently dry hair by scrunching the curls with paper towels.” Leave-In Mist,

Cadiveu Professional
“Wash, detangle and style hair while it’s still damp, never when it’s dry,” says Cadiveu Professional Team Stylist Moyses Hess. “This will prevent it from looking messy.” Bossa Nova Conditioner,

Wella Professionals
“Embrace hair’s natural texture; curly hair needs serious moisture, so I recommend using a hair mask at least once a week,” says Wella Professionals Celebrity Ambassador Andy Lecompte. LuxeOil Reconstructive Elixir,

“Use a softer-bristle brush and a low-heat setting when styling curly hair with a flat-iron, blow-dryer or curling iron,” says Aveda Global Artistic Director of Textured Hair Tippi Shorter. Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil,

Schwarzkopf Professional
“Apply curl products to the hair when it’s soaking wet, then use hands in an inward scrunching motion while releasing moisture,” says Schwarzkopf Professional Brand Ambassador Michael Dueñas. Osis+ Soft Loop Velvet Curl Cream,

ColorProof Evolved Color Care
“Curly hair can become frizzy when the cuticle is roughed up,” says founder and CEO of ColorProof Evolved Color Care Jim Markham. “So it’s imperative to choose products for curly color-treated hair.” TruCurl Curl Perfecting Shampoo,