Daniel Roldan Photo Journal: Sunset at Shelter Island Heights

In this Digital Photo Journal series, Matrix Artistic Director Daniel Roldan shares his personal views and storied photos as he travels across world educating artists on his craft, sharing tips, tools and techniques to creating inspired hairstyles – all while documenting via Instagram. 

The Inspiration: Sunset at Shelter Island Heights, NY

“One of the benefits of traveling is that you’re always experiencing new sites and sensations, which can be very inspirational. As a photographer, I capture these scenes and moments; but as a hairstylist, I strive to create looks that show my inspirations that can transcend beyond a photograph. For me, hair and photography go hand-in-hand as forms of expression that complement each other, telling stories about my travels. When I’m out and about, I’m always looking for different shapes, colors and infrastructures that serve as inspirations which are then reflected in my work.”


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The Looks: Glowing Color

“When I see a breathtaking sunset, the first thing that comes to my mind is, ‘What if someone could relive this scene over and over again simply by staring into the mirror?’ The blues, yellows and reds all swirled together in the sky immediately excite my hairstylist brain with a look. Hair inspiration is everywhere! Translating the beauty of a sunset into this look isn’t just about applying dye to the hair, it’s about artistry. It’s about focusing on how the tints of blues, yellows and reds swirl together to create something magnificent. When someone looks at a sunset they don’t see where the blues begin and the yellows end, which is exactly what inspired this color. That, and the way a sunset mesmerizes you at first glance.”

Create the look: 

  1. Blow-dry the hair upside down with Style Link Mineral Airy Builder and tussle the hair with hands. 
  2. Once hair is completely dry spray Style Link Mineral Rough Me Up on mid-length and ends. Using a Medium Round brush, round brush with heat and Alternate each subsection in different directions. Allow Hair to cool down before moving on to next subsection.
  3. Use a Wide Tooth comb to style into place. Spray Style Link Style Fixer to finish look!

*Hair was cut into a bob after the hair was completely dried, using drhairstylingCo. dry-cut scissor.

About: Criss-crossing the globe on behalf of Matrix for the past 20 years, Matrix Artistic Director Daniel Roldan is hailed as a hair rock star in more than 40 countries.  From India, Italy and Indonesia, to Prague, Spain, China and Dubai, this gifted artist has mastered the international language of beauty.  He prides himself on being able to adapt and communicate with every audience, as he strives to lift the skills and imagination of his fellow hairdressers in every corner of the world. Matrix, the number one American professional hair care company in the world, is at the forefront of salon education and innovation, helping professionals build on and improve their skills while creating cutting edge, first-to-market products. Daniel used the new Matrix Style Link line to create these inspired looks – Style Link allows for total styling freedom and makes it easy for anyone to prep, play and perfect! 

About Matrix: The Matrix philosophy is to inspire all salon professionals to transform a passion for beauty into personal success. By sustaining one of the industry's largest teams of educators including colorists and salon owners – Matrix artists remain dedicated to crafting style and motivating others to express personal creativity. Through innovation, education and inspiration, Matrix encourages hairdressers across the globe to share the American dream and imagine all they can be!