David Evangelista says Change is the New Black


For me, change has always equated to uncertainty. Maybe that's why I chose the career I did and why I love being a hairstylist. I can change others by simply running shears through their hair, but this requires no change on my part!

Lately however, I have been craving change. Maybe it's the unpredictable times of the world or perhaps all the new people and travels I have had the opportunity to experience over the past year. I see change as the new black. With such an unclear economical outlook, we are now being forced to make changes—some good, some bad. I am realizing that it is how we deal with the change that will inevitably define, evolve and make us stronger, better people.

With that being said, this past July was a real epiphany for me. I decided to make drastic changes and set out to reinvent a few different aspects of my life. I was in search of greater professional and personal growth. While change is scary, it is also exciting, liberating, freeing. I began to draft up all the things I wanted to tackle in the coming year, including developing a product line, getting back on television and perhaps opening a small boutique salon space. Scary? Yes. Impossible? Never. This new internal strength has given me power, inspiration to think outside the box, and the ability to create my own path and not rely on others to dictate my destiny.

I may sound like a therapist, but hey, there is a reason hairstylists and bartenders know everyone's life story! I believe my new outlook has inspired me to open up my mind to endless possibilities and I can’t wait for the future. Every day is a new challenge. Aside from recommending highlights or a trim, when anyone asks me what is the hottest trend this season, I tell them “CHANGE." It fits everyone.

Hugs & Hairspray,

David Evangelista

david-headshotDavid Evangelista is one of the nation’s leading hair, makeup and fashion experts and a respected television personality. He has been a contributor to The Early Show on CBS since 2002, bringing style, beauty, and makeover advice to millions of viewers each week. He works with high-profile personalities including Becki Newton, Julia Stiles, Eva Longoria Parker, Hillary Swank, Peyton Manning, Mandy Moore, Rita Wilson, Martha Stewart, Paula Deen, Steve Martin and Kevin Kline.