Decked Out

Accessorizing is the easiest and often least expensive way to dramatically recreate the look and feel of your salon, according to Jennifer Millspaugh, a salon and spa designer with Design X in Old Saybrook, CT. Here, Millspaugh provides a few tips you can use to embellish your business.

Potted orchids add a natural touch to Salon O in Greenwich, CT.
Potted orchids add a natural touch to Salon O in Greenwich, CT.

Make frequent changes. Don't be afraid to change out accessories often. For instance, swap the worn rug in your reception area for a new, colorful one, or add throw pillows to your pedicure chairs.

Keep accessories simple, smart and consistent with your design. "The trend in salon design is modern and minimalist," Millspaugh says. "Less is definitely more when designing this kind of space." A single flower in a glass vase displayed at each station looks simple but beautiful. A row of candles on a long, linear shelf evokes a sense of relaxation.

Get inspired by nature. Turn tree branches or bamboo stalks into artwork, Millspaugh suggests, or gather stones from a stream and place them in a beautiful bowl. Have fresh flowers delivered weekly, or for more permanent displays, consider eco-friendly resins containing natural objects like reeds, river stones and ferns. These translucent panels can be hung on a wall or act as a room divider. —C.W.