In Demand

The staff at New York City’s Tosler Davis Salon, which opened in 1999, is no stranger to scheduling salon appointments over the phone. But through the years, owners Sean Davis and Alan Tosler noticed an issue of no-show clients who simply don’t call to cancel. To combat the problem, Davis says the salon began using Demandforce to enable guests to book services online. In the six months since the salon implemented Demandforce, Davis says he has seen a lower rate of no-shows and cancellations. “Once a customer confirms through Demandforce, it seems that they feel it’s ‘more real’ than talking on the phone,” Davis says. “Plus, some people just aren’t into calling the salon.” Demandforce has also helped strengthen relationships through options like sending email blasts to clients if their stylist is on vacation. “It’s been very helpful for us to let our guests know ahead of time,” Davis says. “The more you can make your friends your clients and your clients your friends, the better business will be.” —C.R.


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