Dermalogica Launches PRO Safety Tools to Help with COVID-19

photo courtesy of brand(Dermalogica)

Four months ago, COVID-19 forced salons and spas around the world to close indefinitely. Now, more than 20,000 businesses are reopening or preparing to reopen, and they're enlisting top-notch safety and cleaning measures to do so. 

In addition to their enhanced service safety guidelines issued in April 2020, Dermalogica is taking things one step further with a new line of safety products, including Pre-Treatment Face + Body Spray, Moisture Shielding Hand Sanitizer and Moisture Restoring Hand Wash. 

Frequent hand washing and sanitizing are paramount to help combat germs, but they can also impair the skin's moisture barrier, increasing dryness, dehydration, cracking and irritation. This suite of professional-use products will help skin therapists wash and sanitize while maintaining skin moisture, a key aspect of skin health. 

Pre-Treatment Face + Body Spray | Available 8/14

Pre-Treatment Face + Body Spray provides skin therapists with a safe, gentle way to promote good hygiene prior to face, body and express treatments. This non-alcohol mist purifies the surface of the face and body while keeping skin hydrated. Its lightweight formula contains gentle moisturizers to ward off dryness, along with antioxidant sage, calendula and red ginseng extracts. 

"Although alcohol-based sanitizers are very effective, we know that alcohol can dry the skin," says Dr. Angela Murphy, Vice President of research, Development and Global Education for Dermalogica. "Continuing our legacy and avoidance of alcohol where possible, we wanted to look for an alternative. This uses a different ingredient called Benzalkonium Chloride, which is also extremely effective at combating germs." 

Moisture Shielding Hand Sanitizer | Available 8/14

Moisture Shielding Hand Sanitizer also uses Benzalkonium Chloride (BKC) to kill 99.9 percent of germs while keeping skin hydrated. This non-alcohol antibacterial hand sanitizer is ideal for retail environments where hand washing isn't available. It forms a protective barrier against moisture loss to support skin's natural defenses, and uses fermented bio-technology and essential fatty acids to help restore skin's moisture barrier. This innovative formula is also infused with antioxidant moringa seed, sage, calendula and red ginseng extracts.

Moisture Restoring Handwash | Available now

Moisture Shielding Hand Sanitizer provides skin therapists with an ultra-gentle way to remove dirt and bacteria from hands while minimizing damage to skin's moisture barrier. 

"Most cleansers use surfactants to effectively solubilize dirt and other impurities on your hands," Dr. Murphy says. "The problem is that they can also break down lipids from your skin, and that can affect the integrity of your skin barrier. This effect is compounded with frequent hand washing." 

This triple-cleanser formula uses a special surfactant system that works hard to remove impurities while helping to preserve skin's natural resilience and restore moisture lost from frequent hand washing. Cotton seed amino Acids lock in moisture and pine, lemon, and rosemary, known for their antioxidant benefits, work together to provide a deeply soothing sensation. 

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