Dermalogica’s Face Mapping Offers a Unique Approach to Individualized Skincare

Your clients may not be taking care of their skin like they should simply because they aren’t aware of what they need. That’s why Dermalogica offers Face Mapping, a unique skin analysis and customized experience that can help you diagnose specific issues and recommend a targeted home-care regimen for healthier skin. Now, instead of wasting money on products that may not be addressing their needs, your clients will know exactly which products are right for them.

Estheticians use Face Mapping to divide the facial landscape into 14 zones—each zone is then examined for issues such as congestion, hyperpigmentation, breakouts, and dehydration. Chinese Diagnosis is one of the philosophies behind Face Mapping and is based on the belief that the skin provides an outside view into the body’s internal health. Depending on what is discovered in each zone, estheticians will then offer specific product recommendations to help treat each client’s specific needs. Chinese Diagnosis will target specific skin culprits in each zone, including digestion, stress, hormones, and food allergies.  In addition to providing a detailed skin diagnosis and treatment recommendations, estheticians are encouraged to discuss the client’s current skincare regimen, as well as cosmetic products that are using daily and other lifestyle factors, such as diet, exercise and smoking. This information helps to create a bigger picture when it comes to treatment, which in turn will lead to greater end results.

According to Dermalogica Professional Skin Therapist Jennifer Ahartz, many people still view skincare treatments like facials as a luxury, but she emphasizes that beauty professionals should stress the importance of establishing a daily skincare routine that keeps problems at bay. In fact, she recommends that clients get Face Mapped every time the seasons change since changes in the weather can adversely affect the skin. Check out the video below to see a Dermalogica Face Mapping Skin Analysis for yourself.


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