Discover: Hairbrained 'Teach In’

The industry is buzzing about Hairbrained’s latest offering: ‘Teach In.’ Similar in spirit to our community,, HB is working to transform the educational experience – and elevate the craft hairdressing community – by packing a single stage full of diverse, all-star educators. “Teach In is a way for hairdressers to get exposure to the industries best mentors, in a very relaxed and atypical environment,” says Emily Costello, educator. “It’s approachable, diverse – and it humanizes educators.”

And with so much diversity, ‘Teach In’ attendees are able to get a candid look at the various methods used by craft hairdressers, of the highest skillset – minus the brand stewardship that can so often color an educational experience. It’s “an up-close glimpse into the world of the best and most practiced hairdressers in the business,” says Charlie Price, nationally recognize platform artist and NAHA award winner. “It’s talented people telling it like it is and freely expressing themselves. It’s a non-hair show, hair show, for the cool crowd.”

For the first time, Hairbrained will be adding a hands-on component to our look and learn style master jam. “Hands on education is crucial, because it gives the student the opportunity to put their own spin on a demonstrated technique,” says Lupe Voss, Aveda Color Educator and Owner of Hair Color Magic. “Under the direct supervision of a mentor, a student can learn how to evolve with a technique, and make it their own.” Adam Federico, HVA3 Video of the Year Award Winner, and Creative Director of Federico Advanced, agrees, calling hands-on education “the perfect time to refine your craft and fine-tune your techniques. But don’t get me wrong,” adds Federico. “ I think visual tools are extremely useful. However, I like to think of these tools as fuel for the fire; without the follow up, hands-on education, there’s just no spark or ignition. You need a mentor to stoke the flame.”

The ‘Teach In’ educators, who selflessly share their passion, “aren’t in it for the glory – they do it for the love of the craft,” Federico says. Like so many of the other educators, he’s “humbled by the opportunity” to appear on ‘Teach In’s’ stage.

“I think it’s crucial to support movements like Hairbrained,” says Price. “Intelligent hairdressers who truly care about the quality of their craft, and elevating the community – we need to stick together!” “We’re the stewards of the industry, and I couldn’t be more honored to present among the best of the best at ‘Teach In,’ and play an important role in having a positive influence on the next generation,” Price concludes.

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