Eco Briefs: Pureology's Commiment to Sustainability

As part of our month long blog series, Eco Briefs, celebrating April as Earth Month, we've reached out to  companies that maintain an eco-lifestyle year-round to get some easy tips for keeping green in the beauty industry.

Hair care company Pureology is one such company with a year-round commitment to sustainability as witnessed through their charity partnership with Global Green USA. Here Pureology shares tips and more for being eco-conscious in the beauty industry.

Pureology's 5 easy "green" ideas to celebrate Earth Month in the salon
1. Serve guests water in glasses rather than bottle water
2. Unplug (don’t just turn off) hot tools  and appliances that draw “vampire power” when not in use
3. Recycle empty shampoo and conditioner bottles
4. Run only full loads in washing machines and choose an energy efficient model
5. Visit and host a “Earth Day” fundraiser benefiting Global Green USA Purelogy's Focus on Water Conservation WHY WATER?

  • Close to 1 billion people across the globe do not have access to drinkable water, leaving roughly one sixth of the world’s population at risk of contracting fatal diseases*
  • One third of the world’s population lives in water-stressed countries – by 2025, that number is estimated to rise to two-thirds*
  • Just 10 countries share 60% of the world’s natural, renewable water resources**
  • When children lack access to clean water and sanitation, they are faced with life-threatening waterborne diseases such as diarrhea, cholera and typhoid


  • Educate colorists and consumers about what they can do to conserve water every day
  • To minimize our “water footprint” by decreasing the water consumption and water pollution associated with our products
  • Improve our “blue footprint” by optimizing our formulations, packaging and manufacturing processes they require less water consumption
  • Improve our “gray footprint” by introducing more biodegradable


  • Run only full loads in washing machines and choose an energy efficient model
  • Fix leaky faucets and toilets immediately
  • Install high efficiency faucets and toilets; fitting low-flow attachments to faucets can save a massive 70% of water!

*Source: Green Cross International **Source: Growing Blue Eco Briefs is an American Salon month-long blog series of Earth-friendly tips, tricks and news to celebrate April as Earth Month.

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