Edward Tricomi Makes Art Out of Unusual Items


I just got back from a L'Oreal Professionnel event at Warren-Tricomi Salon in NYC. Along with learning about L'Oreal Professionnel's new fall/winter Rock 'n' Folk collection from Joel Warren, I also got a chance to have my hair cut by the fabulous Edward Tricomi. Although I wasn't planning on changing up my style, he suggested a few quick snips around my face to give my hair more movement and make it actually appear longer. I love it! While his assistant was styling my hair, Edward started showing me some pictures he took on his iPhone the other night as he was playing around with fun materials in the salon. The first is, as he calls it, "trashbag couture":


The dress and the headpiece were designed entirely from trash bags! He also used flowers and plants to create a beautiful, nymph-like style:


It's truly amazing how far creativity can take you!