Elchim Reveals New E-Commerce Website with Discounts

Courtesy of Elchim

Elchim has worked diligently since 1945 to build a reputation around their styling tools. And, though the brand has evolved over the decades, they’ve remained at the top of their category thanks to their advanced technological innovations, coupled with the sleek design sensibilities that Italy is known for. Now, Elchim has made it easier than ever to purchase one of their sought-after styling tools by introducing a new e-commerce website for US professionals and clients to enjoy.

In the professional appliance category, I want integrity, quality and honesty to drive the Elchim brand of products.” Elchim Co-Director Luca Sabbatini states. “Our products should stand alone, encompassing the newest technology, style, ergonomics and creativity. Every component is full of love because I know every single hand that worked on our blow dryers here in Italy. We take enormous pride in providing the finest hair tools in the market. And now we’re making all of our products available for purchase on our website as well.”

Professional stylists in the US can enjoy a special 20 percent introductory discount on all purchases, including hair dryers, brushes and accessories. You can receive this code by calling the Elchim team (toll free number 855-379-2922). For salon clients, Elchim is extending a special 10 percent discount when they share the product on Facebook or Twitter accounts prior to purchase. See www.elchim.com for details and additional instructions.


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About: Since 1945, Elchim has created outstanding professional tools including hair dryers, straighteners and curling irons for professional hairstylists and consumers around the globe. Their reputation is for creating the most ergonomic professional tools available on the market, using highly-advanced technology to seal hair cuticles and preserve hair integrity and shine for lasting, healthy hair. All products are certified by impartial international organizations such as NEMKO, ETL, SASO and INMERTRO, among others to ensure that the strictest international safety and quality regulations are met.

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