Emiliani Celebrates Iconic Hairdressers April 15, 16, 17

This spring, April 15 - 17 at the at the Trump Taj Majal in Atlantic City, Emiliani Enterprises will be holding The 4th Dimension: The Day of the Hair Dresser, a two-day event in celebration of hair styling and iconic hairdressers coming together on one stage. Here, attendees will have the opportunity to watch the industry's top stylists work together on one stage, mingle with the stylists and models (with the finished looks) at the after party and attend exclusive workshops.

“There has never been a collaboration of the greatest hairstylists all together joining for one massive main stage presentation,” says Andre Chiavelli, vice president of sales and corporate strategy at Emiliani Enterprises.

The iconic pros on the main stage will be Amit Abraham, Jo Blackwell, Robert Cromeans, Joseph Dimaggio, Nicholas French, Rafe Hardy, Tim Hartley, Michael O'Rourke, Boyd Parris, Leonel Rodriquez, Rocco Vitelli and Phillip Wilson.

"Not only do we have a spectacular stage line up but behind the scenes we have the same level of talent with the likes of Tom Harris, Carla Ford and their team of 10 platform artists," says Chiavelli "Our support staff consists of our creative directors Brian and Tracey Smith Grieve, along with choreographers Mario Ramondi, Tommy Torres and Edwin Peterson."


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Special workshops by Nicholas French, Tim Hartley, Patrick McIvor and Gina Khan will take place on April 17.

Click here for more information on attending the exclusive event.

—Megan Rupp