Emmy Awards 2010: Emily Blunt

While Emily Blunt often chooses fashion-forward styles for awards shows and premieres, her look for the Emmys last night was decidedly understated as she escorted husband and The Office star John Krasinski down the red carpet in lavender Dior. Her hair, designed by longtime stylist Laini Reeves, was fresh and sophisticated to match the simple elegance of her gown. Reeves was inspired by the finger waves of the 1920s, creating a waved design that fell just below the jawline, with pin-curled accents at the nape of the neck. "We wanted to create a look that was very different from any that Emily had worn before," said Reeves, who used Moroccanoil products to get the look. "Once I saw the gown,  I knew that a modern look based on the waved looks of the 20’s was the perfect complement for the design." Reeves accessorized the look with a diamond earring attached to two bobbypins and sewed on with silver thread.