The End of Double Dipping

Most manicure clients love the luxury of a paraffin dip. The hot, therapeutic wax provides a deep, penetrating heat that not only feels warm and wonderful, but is good for your skin. It also soothes arthritic joints and relaxes achy muscles. But what clients most likely don't realize is that communal paraffin dips can be awfully yucky—they're a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. With each dip, small amounts of dead skin slough off into the tub, making the wax dirty and unsafe. As a result, salons are basically giving away paraffin dips because it's not seen as a high-value service.


Enter the new PerfectSense Paraffin system, which solves the mess and sanitation issues associated with traditional paraffin baths, and returns the integrity to paraffin waxing so that salons can charge more for it. The unique, energy-efficient heating units heat up naturally, in just five minutes, using a patented process in which water and food-grade minerals are mixed to generate enough heat to melt the paraffin—no electricity or batteries required. Single-use, disposable gloves and slippers are pre-filled with the wax and placed into the heating chamber, where the paraffin inside is melted, while a soothing, lavender-scented vapor water is released from the top of the chamber.


More than 1,000 salons and spas in the U.S. and Canada are currently using the system, including Canyon Ranch, La Costa Resort and Spa, Waldorf-Astoria and several Westin and Four Seasons spas. Glenn Hogle, president and founder of Inspired Sciences, says that by raising the integrity of paraffin, the new system allows salon owners to charge more for the service instead of basically giving it away. There is also a take-home version available for retail, which is another way for salons to increase revenue. "Upgrading to the PerfectSense system lets you offer your clients a superior level of service," he says, "And once your clients realize that, they are more likely to keep coming back." For more information, visit —C.W.