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The professional beauty industry has an insatiable appetite for statistics and trend-tracking—of this I am certain. How do I know? Because every January, right after New Year's Day rolls around, I'm deluged with e-mails and phone calls from beauty and industry pros who can hardly wait to get their hands on the new American Salon/American Spa Green Book so they can begin devouring the juicy new data contained therein. Everyone, it seems, wants this comprehensive, up-to-the-minute salon resource guide—the only one of its kind in the beauty arena—and here's why.

Filled with wide-ranging research on the professional beauty industry, Green Book 2010 provides an in-depth look into America's salons and spas. This year's profile delves into pertinent details relating to size, composition, attitudes and behaviors. It touches upon where beauty pros have been and where they're going, types of services being offered, the salon employment scene and even analyzes the client point of view. According to Lynn Osborne, whose agency spearheaded the research efforts in Green Book 2010, "The editors have gathered up-to-the-minute industry statistics from Ad Management Insights and coupled them, for the first time ever, with reports from 21 of the professional beauty industry's most influential trade associations." Think of it as the one-stop resource for garnering information about the manufacturer all the way to the end-user or the consumer.

Speaking of knowledge, be sure to check out American Salon's Annual Education Guide, which begins on page 57. Loaded with news about exciting new course offerings, online education opportunities and informative tools, the special supplement is the perfect spark plug to jump-start salon staffers' careers.

I'd love to chat some more, but I've got to go . . . my phone's ringing. Warmest wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. —BRETT VINOVICH, publisher, [email protected]


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