We've had quite a few events in the past month, design team, student council, green team, and be nice or else team. We all participated together in another Teen Night event, where we educate teens on the school and its culture, how to properly style their hair with heated tools and use products, and face mapping and facials. Plus we have a raffle and giftbags and snacks. Also Green Team went to UCLA Matell Hospital for a Mother's Day Event. Design Team had a really nice fashion show at The Beverly Hilton. It was the OTIS fashion show. It was really nice and they served us yummy food! Coming up on Monday we're having another Coa Cosmetics Worshop and photoshoot. So hopefully my next blog I'll have pictures of tha for you.

Plus, The Cao celebrated its 6th Anniversary last month and we took a huge group photo for Alee and Peggy.

School has been supe busy with updos and makeup for prom season. It's starting to die down, but graduations are coming up soon! As for me I can't believe how fast school is going. Alot of the people from the class right before me are starting to graduate and my graduation date is in September. I can hardly wait but at the same time I'm scared for stateboard. They've been doing lots of stateboard procedures for our specialty classes though, trying to prepare us.

I'm super excited for the end of June because IMATS will be going on here in LA. I can't wait to go. It will be my first makeup convention. I'm trying to save up for it because I know I'm gonna go crazy there.

Till next time!

Hann Compton