An Example of Clever Marketing

The VP Salon postcard

While I was standing on the platform at the train station this morning waiting to board a NJ Transit train to work, a woman walked up to me and handed me a postcard. I am so used to nicely saying "no, thank you" as someone shoves a pamphlet in my face as I walk around New York City, that I assumed it was something I would toss into the nearest garbage. To my surprise, it was actually a postcard promoting the nearby VP Salon in Westfield, NJ. The postcard's headline caught my attention "Good Morning Gorgeous!" and I laughed out loud as I read the "Tips for Great Hair" included on the front:

1. Ask the conductor to go fast to get windswept, tousled hair.

2. Wrap your newspaper around your head for a chic "Grace Kelly" look.


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What I loved most about this postcard was that it had a specific audience in mind (female commuters), and wasn't just a general information card. What's more, the salon is offering anyone who books an appointment and brings the postcard into the salon between Jul. 15 and Aug. 15 a 10 percent discount on any service. What a great way to promote the salon!

I'd like to hear from you! What do you do to promote your salon and attract new customers?