Eye Candy: Sassoon Academy's Vassar Girl from the New Collection The Group

Vassar Girl

Sassoon Academy’s new collection, The Group, takes inspiration from J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye, which set rebellious teen Holden Caulfield against the privileged elite of the Ivy League. Stylist Mark Hayes and colorist Peter Dawson led the Sassoon Academy International Creative Team to imagine three distinct looks—Vassar, Ivy League and Karma Bums—that reference Ivy League socialites and the subterranean beat culture of Jack Kerouac. Here, the iconic Vassar girl is the touchstone for a series of sophisticated offset shapes in shades of soigné honey blonde, amber and gold. ✂

Photography: Colin Roy; Makeup: Daniel Koleric; Fashion Styling: Lucie Perrier


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