Fan-Favorite Hair Tool Brand Introduces Personalized Technology

courtesy of brand

California-based brand T3 is known for their luxury hair tools, and now they're making them even more desirable with first-of-its-kind technology—T3 HeatID Technology. 

This smart personalization technology, found in the new T3 Curl ID 1.25” Curling Iron and the T3 Lucea ID Straightening and Styling Iron, streamlines heat selection by determining the optimal styling temperature for the user’s hair type. The intelligent technology uses an algorithm that considers key parameters, such as hair texture, length, color treatment and chemical treatment, and provides consumers with their ideal styling heat for smooth, shiny, results that last, while protecting their hair against unnecessary heat exposure.

“We surveyed real consumers and learned that while they all want smooth, shiny and long-lasting results – they are also concerned about the amount of heat their hair is exposed to during styling,” says Jade Simmons, T3 director of brand and product development. Research conducted by the brand showed that 72 percent of women think they have to turn up the heat to get the styling results they want. “To address the concern, we went beyond traditional heat management to deliver a solution that takes the guesswork out of temperature selection.”


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The T3 Lucea ID and T3 Curl ID go beyond temperature personalization—each are equipped with a smart microchip and advanced dual heaters which monitor and manage heat output for temperature consistency across both plates throughout the styling process. In addition, the irons include a CeraGloss ceramic coating and negative ion generate to seal the cuticle and deliver incredible shine. What's more, the irons have capacitive touch and haptic feedback technology, similar technology is leveraged in smart phones and tablets, and deliver an intuitive user interface for a more engaging experience.

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