Femme Fatales

From sculptural shapes to flowing curls with many vibrant colors throughout, hairdresser Gary Taylor showcases his love for the craft in his new collection.

Photography by John Rawson of The Rawson Partnership

In a special collection submitted for the British Hairdressing Awards, and seen exclusively on the pages of American Salon, British hairdresser Gary Taylor of Edward & Co in Brighouse, UK, wanted to create styles that are expressive of his love of hairdressing. “This collection was created from my inspiration in hairdressing,” Taylor says. “I wanted to cover as many aspects of our industry as possible and show what I’m passionate about in hairdressing.” What resulted are striking works of art that Taylor developed for a variety of looks, highlighting all types of hair, from straight to curly.


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Fashion Styling: Jared Green; Makeup: Jo Sugar

IMAGE ABOVE - For this choppy pixie, Taylor used a razor to impart texture and dimension. To style, he blow-dried hair smooth and used his fingers to tousle locks with pomade.

IMAGE ABOVE - For these long and lush copper waves, Gary Taylor barrel-curled sections of hair from the nape to the front while using setting product for hold. He then combed out locks until he created the desired shape.

IMAGE ABOVE - For this short bob, Taylor cut standard inverted sections of the hair, but separated a large segment for a bold fringe. Using a flat-iron, he achieved a super sleek finish, then used the iron to gently bow the fringe for a subtle curved shape.

IMAGE ABOVE - Taylor backbrushed the hair for texture before pulling it into a twisted shape and wrapping it around a postiche into a sculpted updo. He added drama with extensions in a lighter hue, creating a fusion of blonde shades throughout the style.


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