Flying High

Butterfly Studio Salon, located in New York City, was founded by Kattia Solano in a Midtown loft seven years ago. At first Solano was living in the loft too, but that didn't last for long. Her salon underwent a speedy metamorphosis and took flight, so she could afford to move elsewhere. "Thankfully," Solano says, "the business was successful and grew from day one."


According to Solano, Butterfly's success can be attributed to the well-rounded education its stylists receive. "We believe in educating our team on many levels, including personal growth, etiquette, art, finances and professional technique," Solano says. "When you grow in spirit, the result is success."

The salon's tropical decor projects spirituality and calm, and is so inviting that clients keep coming back. Lots of wood and plants that could pass for minimalist sculptures make this modern salon—which features a Koi pond in its waiting area—feel like paradise. The treatment room is an intimate white space with leather recliners, closed off from the rest of the salon. "I really wanted the salon to feel like a retreat," Solano says.


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Solano advises owners of fledgling salons to make sure they have strong, trustworthy leaders on the team who can assist them in the development of their businesses. "As a salon owner, it's easy to get overwhelmed when you have to do everything yourself," Solano says. "But it's almost impossible to do everything yourself, which is why it's crucial to have the right team." —A.P.


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