FUNraising part 2

Wow, sorry everyone, it's been a while since my last post, I was having computer problems forever! Anyway, I have lots to update you on so its good.

School has been great, we've been busier than ever. Since I last spoke to you we've had Guilio, a Paul Mitchell Master Associate, come as a guest speaker, we've had our FUNraising launch party and conference call, we had our Cut-A-Thon for Haiti, and we recently started our new fundraisers as well.

First off, Guilio was amazing, so funny and inspirational, he made sooo much sense and got everyone thinking about appreciating themselves more.

The conference call for our FUNraising kickoff was really cool, it was good to hear from the top ten schools that raised money last year. They had great ideas and giant goals they had set for themselves this year.

Our Cut-A-Thon went amazingly well, we're most definately gonna host more of those to raise money in the coming months. We raised over 1,000 dollars in less than six hours cutting hair, and it all went to help Haiti.

And this week we also kicked off two new fundraisers. Yesterday and today we had a bake sale, everyone chipped in bringing all sorts of goodies, and we made about 200 dollars from just that! Plus we had Jean Day as our theme yesterday and almost everyone participated. We'll be having alot of those from now on. And we're selling Valentine's Day Grams this week! Our holiday grams for christmas went really well so hopefully valentines will too.

Nico was our guest speaker this week and she gave two of our girls awesome haircuts and new color. They look so beautiful and trendy and different.

Last but not least, Caper is coming up next week! Everyone who is going has been in and out of meetings making sure they have everything prepared for the event. It' a great opportunity to network and make new friends. I can't wait for them to get back to hear about it all.

Until next time, <3

Hanna Compton