Get the Color: Gorgeous Blonde Seen in Matrix’s Stencil Look

In our March 2012 issue, Matrix Artistic Director Daniel Roldan and Master Artistic Educator Victoria Yeremchuk played with depth-enhancing color placement to add an innovative twist to their model’s edgy cut in Stencil, part of the Urban Art collection. Here they share how to achieve the striking blonde hue:

Color Formulas

Matrix Socolor Natural Level 6 Light Brown


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Retouch prior to color technique using: 1 1⁄2 oz. Socolor UL-V + 3 oz. 40-Volume Matrix Cream Developer

FORMULA A: 1 scoop V-Light De-Dusted Lightener + 1 oz. 20-Volume Matrix Cream Developer

FORMULA B: 1 oz. Color Sync 10V + 1 oz. Color Sync 10G + 2 oz. 10 Volume Matrix Cream Developer  

Logics Alternate Formula

Retouch: 11⁄2 oz. Logics Ultra Power Blonde 12V + 3 oz. 40 Volume Matrix Cream Developer

FORMULA A: 1 scoop Luminous Cream Lightener + 2 scoops 20 Volume Luminous Cream Lightener Generator

FORMULA B: 1 oz. Imprints 10V-S + 1 oz. Imprints 10G-S + 2 oz. 10 Volume Matrix Cream Developer   The steps:

  1. 1 inch back from the natural hairline, secure a large, diamond-shaped section on the top of the head.
  2. Starting on the back left side of the diamond, separate a slice and place on foil. Apply Formula A from roots to ends on back-to-back slices until you have completed three rows in a brick lay pattern.
  3. Once again, use Formula A on the right-hand side of the diamond to place foils back-to-back. Be sure to keep the foils parallel to the diamond, in order to create a heavier veil of color.
  4. Begin pivoting your sub-sections as you work from the right side of the diamond to the opposite side. In between vertical slices getting the Formula A application, leave ½-inch sections out of foils.
  5. As a defining touch, apply Formula B to the remaining hair left out of the foils.


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