Get Lea Michele's Golden Globes Hair

lea michele

lea micheleGlee star Lea Michele's hair hit all the right notes at the Golden Globes. Her sophisticated updo was a throwback to vintage Hollywood—and even withstood the rain on the red carpet. To create the elegant twist, NYC-based stylist Miok, of Judy Casey Inc., started by blowing the hair out with René Furterer Volumea Volumizing Conditioning Spray and then used a medium-sized barrel curling iron to curl all of the hair in sections. After the curls cooled, she ran her fingers through them, then teased the hair at the nape and pinned it back, while leaving about two inches in the center loose. Next, Miok gave the crown a light tease, smoothed it out and gently rolled it under, above the loose hair at the nape.

Taking the left side of the nape hair, Miok lightly back-combed it, wrapped it around the loose roll and pinned it underneath. She then repeated the same thing with the right side of nape hair in the opposite direction. To finish, Miok spread out the wrapped hair and set it with pins, and gently swept the front hair to the side.

—Beth Furtwangler