Get the Look: Capri from L’Oréal Professionel’s 2013 Highlights and Balayage Collection

L’Oréal Professionnel's 2013 Highlights and Balayage series continues with the second look in this exotic collection. Capri, created by L’Oréal Professionnel Hairstylist and Colorist Natalia Alves, is inspired by the breathtaking island off the coast of Italy. This chic contrast blonde is both bold and beautiful. Here is how to get the look:

The Capri Look


1. Create an ear-to-ear radial parting.

2. Create and secure a diamond section centered over the ear-to-ear radial parting.


FORMULA 1: Platinium Plus + 40-volume Nutri-Develope

FORMULA 2: Majiblond.Ultra 911 + 30-volume Majicrème Developer 

OPTIONAL: Use a copper or red toned shade within the alternating pattern for a bold effect


Subsections are taken along the partings within a section. The subsections used in this technique, along the partings, are 1” wide, and about an 1/8” deep. The spacing, between subsections along the row, is a ½”. Spacing between rows is 1”.


1.Behind the ear-to-ear radial parting, begin at the nape, use sloping, angled horseshoe shaped partings Apply FORMULA 1 to the subsections along the first 3 partings using a textured stitch. Concentrate product on the mid-lengths and ends. Isolate balayaged areaswith Sweet Mèches.

2. Moving upward, apply FORMULA 2 to the subsections along the forth parting. Continue alternating this pattern until reaching the diamond section.

3.In the front, begin at the hairline, use diagonal back partings, and repeat the same balayage patternas used in the back. Complete the technique by using horizontal partings within the diamond shaped section using the same balayage pattern as the back and the front.